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Re: Data Property of datatype 'float' being created as 'decimal'
— by Jiba Jiba

When you say "it accept", who is it? Is it the Protégé editor, the Hermit reasoner, or Owlready itself?

I've just verified, you are right: integer is a subtype of decimal, however (and weirdly) double is not...

This might be the undocumented reason for using decimal in previous version.

I'm considering reversing to decimal.

Kind regards,
Jean-Baptiste Lamy
MCF, LIMICS, Université Paris 13

> Hello Mr. Lamy,
> Actually, the change did break something.  :/
> At the end, xsd:decimal type was what I needed, because it accept numbers
> with or without the decimal point ("10" or "10.0", both are accepted without
> causing inconsistencies).
> Is there any way to force xsd:decimal after the last update?
> Salutations,
> Guilherme
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