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Re: Data Property of datatype 'float' being created as 'decimal'
— by Jiba Jiba

Yes, you can modify entities (including properties) by redefining them. This is the usual way in OWL: if a class is defined in 2 ontologies, both definitions are "merged". For example, if a property is defined in an ontology without specifying it as functional, and the same property is also defined in another ontology as functional, it will be considered as functional. Owlready behaves similarly: when you redefine an entity, the new definition does not "destroy" the previous one but is merged with the older one.

You can also modify the property by changing .is_a :


> I am messing around a lot with owlready2. Count on me if you need any help
> updating the documentation anytime after I finish my masters essay (1-2
> months).

Thank you, any help is welcome ! I agree that many points still lacks documentation.

Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Lamy
MCF, LIMICS, Université Paris 13