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Re: Can't add annotation property
— by Jiba Jiba

I've just tried the small script below, but it seems to work as expected. Are you sure the problem is not somewhere else ?

from owlready2 import *
import types

GOnamespace = get_ontology("")

with GOnamespace:
  New_Class = types.new_class("ClassName", (Thing,))
  New_Class.label = ["eee"]


Best regards,
Jean-Baptiste Lamy
MCF, LIMICS, Université Paris 13

> Hi,
> I'm trying to generate dynamically some classes along with their labels with
> the following script:
> for clas in small_OGG.classes():
>     for Class in small_GO.classes():
>         if labelOGG in clas.label  and str(Class) == GO_ID:
>             with GOnamespace:
>                 New_Class = types.new_class(str(clas).split('.')[1],
> (Class,))
>                 New_Class.label = [label for label in clas.label]
> I can generate the new ontology with the new cross ontology subclasses, but
> label is not generated. From the documentation I understood that adding
> labels to a new class is done by means of a list of strings, which is what I
> was trying, but it doesn't work. Is there anything I'm not understanding?
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